Is your company approved by the state to buy or sell Real Estate?

Yes! We are approved by the State of Michigan and have in-house Licensed Realtors to make the transaction smooth! This way everything is handled legally and the proper documents will be filed.

Do I have to pay Commission or Real Estate Fees?

No! Since Property Rescue is a company that purchases homes, you will not need to pay any real estate commissions!

What costs do I have to pay?

Property Rescue will purchase your property “as-is” and pays all normal buyer closing costs! We pay for closing costs, fees and can complete the sale in 10 days or less!

How long does it take?

We can make an offer in 24 hours or less! If you agree to the terms, we can normally close within 10 days or less – pending inspections.

What is the process?

The process is extremely Simple. Fill out the form or fill out information under Get Offer Tab. After form or information is collected, Property Rescue will review and give you a call to discuss your home. After the discussion, an offer will be presented and hopefully a win-win solution will be made. There is no obligation and no pressure. Property Rescue is committed to give a fair solution to your real estate headache!

Do I need to make repairs before I sell?

Property Rescue purchases the home in its “as-is” condition and you will not need to make any repairs!

Is there any Risk?

There is no obligation! Property Rescue is the in the business to create win-win situations and help you get rid of your real estate headache!

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